All Sunday Worship Programs

日期 题目 讲员 圣餐
2017-11-05 全备福音 THE WHOLE GOSPEL Scott Harris No /
2017-10-29 连线 Connecting the Dots 张谦 弟兄 No /
2017-10-22 得著真智慧 Gaining the True Wisdom Pastor Paul Lin Yes /
2017-10-15 勇于承担 Courage to Lead 张国东 弟兄 No /
2017-10-08 门徒们的恼怒 The indignant disciples 张国东 弟兄 No /
2017-10-01 受邀与主同行 Invited along with Jesus Jason Dukes No /
2017-09-24 受主差遣的教会 The Church Scattered Dr. Steve Cretin, a missionary to China No /
2017-09-17 警示与警醒 Warning and Watching Pastor Joshua Zhang No /
2017-09-10 你是谁? Who are you? 张国东 弟兄 Yes /
2017-09-03 信仰与根基 Faith and Foundation 张谦 弟兄 No /
2017-08-27 基督的大使命 THE COMMISSION OF CHRIST Tim Chen No /
2017-08-20 明瞭你的身份與呼召 Clarifying Your Identity and Calling Eric Pan No /
2017-08-13 属灵传承人生 Spiritual Heritage Pastor Paul Lin No /
2017-08-06 疾病與醫治 Disease and Healing David Chung No /
2017-07-30 第二次按手 Put His Hands on Again 张国东 弟兄 Yes /