All Sunday Worship Programs

日期 题目 讲员 圣餐
2018-05-27 婚姻:真实的指向 Marriage: It’s Not About You 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang No /
2018-05-20 犧牲的愛:婚姻就是福音的示範 God Designed Marriage to Demonstrate the Gospel 潘崇仁 弟兄 Eric Pan No /
2018-05-13 健康的人际关系 A Healthy Perspective About Relationships 张国东 弟兄 No /
2018-05-06 牺牲的爱 THE SACRIFICIAL LOVE OF GOD 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang No /
2018-04-29 与你何干? Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Page 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang Yes /
2018-04-22 復活之後:你的生死會榮耀神嗎? By What Death Will You Glorify God 潘崇仁 弟兄 Eric Pan No /
2018-04-15 你爱我比这些更深吗? Do You Love Me More 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang No /
2018-04-08 耶稣的早餐 Breakfast with Jesus 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang No /
2018-04-01 He has risen! He is not here. 张国东 弟兄 Guodong Zhang No /
2018-03-25 出埃及之路:逾越節 The Means of Evacuation: Passover 潘崇仁 弟兄 Yes /
2018-03-18 婚姻与家庭 Marriage and Family 张联光 牧师 No /
2018-03-11 出埃及之路:应许 The Faith of Evacuation: Promise 张国东 弟兄 No /
2018-03-04 出埃及之路:绝境 The Impossibility of Evacuation: Desperate 张国东 弟兄 No /
2018-02-25 出埃及之路:装备摩西 The Evacuation Announced: Moses Equipped 张国东 弟兄 No /
2018-02-18 出埃及之路:摩西被呼召 The Evacuation Initiated: Moses Called 潘崇仁 弟兄 No /