Date Title Speaker
2017-06-18 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Max Li
2017-06-11 Introduction to Microsoft Excel Max Li
2017-06-04 The story behind ihatepassword.com Max Li
2017-05-28 Best places in Hong Kong for Tourists Susanna and Sydney Fung
2017-05-21 美国学生在中国 American Students in China 李庆军教授 Professor Joan Li
2017-05-14 姐妹们的快乐下午 Girls afternoon out Fengjuan Wang
2017-05-07 Digital Photography Dr. Kevin Wang
2017-04-30 From 4 hours to 1 second: How technology can help you speed up your work Dr. Steven Zhang
2017-04-23 Computer Software Repair and Maintenance Professor Max Li
2017-04-09 Computer Hardware Repair and Maintenance Professor Max Li